Rediscover “must-know” songs for kids

Nursery rhymes have great cultural value.

3D animations by world-class professionals bring fun and magic to traditional children’s songs.

Have fun together with your kids

Jumping, singing, dancing, tickle fights… be prepared for lots of giggles!

Build a deeper relationship with your kids and share lots of joyful moments.

Make kids creative and smart

Our videos teach the ABCs, numbers, shapes, colors and more.

Nursery rhymes improve memory, and help kids become more confident and inventive.

Engaging for babies, relaxing for parents

Children learn to focus and to play independently.

You can relax for a moment - Dave and Ava will look after your little ones while teaching them nursery rhymes!

Learn a second language by playing

Our catchy tunes and charming characters will teach your child a second language in no time.

Special needs education

Nursery rhymes work wonders for children with special needs.

They teach listening and speaking skills and model social behavior.

Take Dave and Ava wherever you go

Prevent a tantrum, make time pass more easily when waiting, and bring more fun and value to road trips!

Take Dave and Ava with you anywhere and watch offline.


Dave and Ava's posters. Download and print our posters for your kids


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  • Megan Renne

    Megan Renne

    Early Childhood Educator, over 5 years of experience in early education; IL Professional Educator License with Endorsement in Early Childhood Education (Birth - Grade 3)

    "As a preschool teacher, I think Dave and Ava is one of the most enjoyable and educational video series for young children that I have seen. I can’t wait to see more from them!"
  • Patrick Duclou

    Patrick Duclou

    ESL Teacher at Thepsatri Rajabhat University, 34 years of experience in teaching English as a foreign language

    "My students loved the video and started singing after watching it twice. The music is fun to listen to and the animation is great!"
  • Galina Georgieva

    Galina Georgieva

    15 years teaching experience in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) area, member of IATEFL (International association of Teachers in English as Foreign Language)

    "This video was the easiest way to teach numbers and basic vocabulary to young students. They could remember the numbers easily counting the fishes and singing with the video."